Core Competency

  • Factory Audit -Managing vendors and orders can be a daunting task when you factor in varying languages, cultures, time zones and distance. There is also the Unknown Factor as you may not know or even trust a potential supplier and have no simple ways to check their reliability. Our professional team in China do factory audit before you decide to place order to them.
  • Supplier Management -Our supplier management service can provide you the critical components to enable you to have successful international commerce transactions. Acting as your eyes and ears, we bridge time zones, cultures, distance and languages to help create a seamless supply chain. We leverage our international presence, systems and experience on your behalf to proactively manage your overseas suppliers and logistics.
  • Order Fulfillment -Now you can have the vital order, item and vendor fulfillment information you need well before your order is scheduled to be shipped. By obtaining information earlier in the process, you will gain more control and lower your costs. Using standard operating procedures, your purchase orders, and our operating system, we monitor critical data and events, and communicate any deviations from plan.
  • Quality Inspection -Our professional quality people do onsite inspection when it is necessary to minimize the problem happened before shipment out to save unexpected cost and satisfy your customers.